Ginger Magpie was created in 2018 by myself, Beth, a year after graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Fashion, I knew I had to give my own brand a go. The brand is currently run from my spare room with machines passed down to me by family members. So, although I don’t actually make the jersey products, everything else from the vinyl embellishing, slogan and print designs to packaging the garments up is hand done by me!


Ginger Magpie is all about empowerment for women. This is something I feel very strongly about anyway, so I created the brand to combine this with my love of fashion, especially street and casual wear. Each slogan has been written by me, with the hope that you as the customer feel empowered and feel the change is happening because we can wear what we want, that expresses whatever we want.

It is really important to me that this brand is successful not only for my personal gain, but that means the message of empowerment is being heard, spread and appreciated. Please follow Ginger Magpie on Instagram and be sure to tag us in any pictures of your purchases, with the hashtag #gingermagpie

Thank You for supporting an independent brand, run by a strong independent woman.

For the women who got me here, my Nan Mary, and my Auntie Chris.