Custom Orders / Requests

I am now offering custom order or requests! Whether it is an item you already own that you want to give a new life to, such as your perfect fitting blazer or them trusty pair jeans. Post me the item and let's take it to the next level! 

Or maybe you have the event / festival of the year coming up and you want a custom outfit created just for you. Tell me what your thoughts / vibes / style is and I can design you a perfect, unique ginger magpie piece!

Please fill in the form below, giving me as much information as possible to work with!

For requests where you will be sending me an item, I will email over the address to send it to! 


Pricing will depend on the type of request and required materials needed. Prices start from £30 for customisation of your own item, and start from £60 for a custom created item. Once I have received your request I will email you with the price and further information for payment etc. 

I will be in touch soon!

*Please allow 3 weeks for custom orders to be completed* 

*Don't forget to include your sizing or preferred fit if I am sourcing the garment*